Monday, March 21, 2011

Canberra overview

Welcome to Daily Photo Canberra. I've been lurking around daily photo blogs from London, Paris, Rome and Venice recently, but couldn't find a current one for the city I live in, so here we go ...

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, so some of the photos will be of Canberra landmarks and national institutions. Some will be of events and  the people of Canberra, or local and little-known aspects of the suburbs. I'm not a professional photographer, but I'll do what I can to keep them interesting.

Most of the photos will be taken by me, and if they're not, I'll let you know. Some of them will be ones I've taken over the past few years, and some might be from the same day they're posted. If they're 'right here, right now', I'll let you know that too, because Canberra's seasonal variations are one of the things I love about living here. Comments and questions are very welcome.

So without further ado, the first photo:

Looking from Black Mountain over Lake Burley Griffin, Acton Peninsula and part of the Parliamentary Triangle of Canberra, on an overcast Autumn day two years ago, but similar to today's weather.

On the left is part of the Australian National University, the road is Parkes Way, and the yellow and red structure in the middle marks the National Museum of Australia. The bridge in the middleground is Commonwealth Bridge, and the one further back is Kings Ave Bridge (to the left of it you can see the National Carillon, a bell tower with 55 bronze bells). The right bank of the man-made lake, between the bridges, features a number of national institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia, the High Court of Australia, the National Portrait Gallery (which may not be in this photo - it's still quite new), Questacon (the National Science and Technology Museum) and the National Library of Australia.

Civic - Canberra's city centre - is just out of the photo to the left, and Parliament House is to the right of the photo. They'll both appear at a later date.


Julie said...


Have just disvovered your CDPB. Welcome aboard.

karen said...

Thanks Julie. I think I'm really going to enjoy this - it makes you look at the things you see every day in a new way. I was fortunate to travel to Europe last year, and one of the things that really made an impact on me was how much the residents of places we might find astonishing take them for granted.

Julie said...

Yes, that old saying about what familiarity breeds comes to mind. Your blog is choc-a-block with information. I like that in a blog. The wide view and then every so often a detail post. Keeps it lively. There are quite a few Australian bloggers who are very active. Take a swing through some of them from my side-bar. They will usually return your visit if you leave them a cheery comment.