Friday, April 20, 2012

Bridging the gap

Oops! I've been a little distracted by other things for the past few weeks, and this Daily Photo Blog has been not so daily. But I'm still here, and to - ahem - 'bridge the gap', here's a photo of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, over Lake Burley Griffin:

The current bridge is the fourth one on this site. It was completed in late 1963, and connects Civic - the commercial centre of Canberra - with Parliament House. It consists of two separate carriageways, each with three traffic lanes.

Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies said, in October 1964 at the inauguration ceremony for the new Lake Burley Griffin, that the bridge was ‘the finest building in the National Capital’. Not quite sure what that says about the rest of Canberra's architecture at the time ...


Bronwyn said...

I just stumbled across your blog. Thank you for taking such lovely photos of our city.

Mark said...

Good to see you back Karen, yes it can be demanding to post a shot a day.
Yep it is a pretty ugly but functional bridge.