Tuesday, May 3, 2011

9pm in Evatt

There's not a lot happening in Evatt at 9pm on a Monday night. It's quiet and dark, and most people are at home. Maybe they're watching a movie from the local video shop - nothing else is open at this time.

Evatt Shops is one of the small local shopping centres. It has an IGA supermarket, a takeaway, a newsagency, a hairdresser, a butcher, a bakery, a pharmacy and the video shop. The suburb is named after H V Evatt, a Labor politician, High Court judge, author, and he also played a significant role in the founding of the United Nations. In fact, he was President of the UN General Assembly in 1948-49 and his achievements include helping draft the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and involvement in the negotiations which resulted in the state of Israel.

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Pierre BOYER said...

I love this "ambiance"...