Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hop to it!

It's not uncommon to see mobs of kangaroos in the paddocks around and the green corridors within Canberra, although with the recent rain they're a little less likely to be close to the roads. But we still see (or sometimes smell!) too many dead roos on the roadside.

These are grey kangaroos - the most common type around here. In 2008, a Canberra Times article stated that "an annual average of 950 accidents involving kangaroos that are serious enough to warrant police attendance", and two of the major car insurers said they had processed 1200 kangaroo-related claims in the past year (and then there are other insurers, people who don't claim for minor damage, and people who are uninsured).

So if you're driving around Canberra, especially between 5pm and 10pm, in winter, around a full moon, and after a dry spell, stay alert for roos!