Saturday, May 21, 2011


Still in Margaret Timpson Park, Belconnen.

The park was designed with a formal layout, and this photo is looking along the main axis. Behind me, across the road, is the entrance to Belconnen Mall (not necessarily the most used entrance, but the biggest one visually, with a large 'Westfield' sign above it). Past the park, the path goes between two office buildings, and further up the hill is the Belconnen Public Library. I find it interesting that the library (learning/knowledge) is higher than the shopping centre (commerce), with offices (bureaucracy/administration) and the park (recreation) in between, but somehow I doubt that was intentional.

Beyond the blue shade covering in the centre of the picture are some Canary Island date palms. Six of these trees were planted - three on either side of the path. They're quite an unusual tree for Canberra - no idea why they were chosen, unless it was for their regular shape, to add to the formal design of the park.

To the left and right of the photo are two grass pyramids. The government website says they "have been added as sculptural elements and these may be planted with flowers at selected times of the year", although I've never seen anything other than grass on them.

The Canberra Rose refers to the flower chosen for the ACT as its Centenary of Federation flower. The flowers for the other States and Territories are listed here.


Pierre BOYER said...

I Love the trees colors...
Have a nice day... Or night !


karen said...

Merci Pierre. The autumn colours are one of the things I most like about Canberra.

Jim said...

Terrific symmetry. Love those autumn colours.
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