Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 beers on tap

The Royal Hotel, Queanbeyan. Queanbeyan is just over the border in New South Wales, but there's a lot of crossover between it and Canberra. The two cities have very different characters, however. Queanbeyan is clearly a NSW country town, from the main street with shops lining both sides to the surrounding commercial, industrial and residential areas that have grown organically as the town developed. Canberra, in contrast has clusters of shops scattered throughout the planned suburbs, which were opened up in an orderly fashion as the population increased. Coming from NSW, Canberra can be very disorienting - especially if you're trying to find a petrol station!

Queanbeyan was established in 1838, although there were squatters and sheep stations earlier than that. It officially became a city (with the requisite population of 15,000) in 1972.

A pub opened on this site in 1850 as Byrnes Hotel. Operated by the local businessman Martin Byrne, it acquired the name Royal Hotel in 1870. The present building dates from 1926.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Hi Karen, I have a collection of Royal Hotels photos in my blog. If you don't mind I would love to post this ... linking to your blog of course.

karen said...

Sure. I just had a quick look at your 'collection' - if I find more I'll pass them on :)