Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shopping at Jammo

The weather may be grey and cold and generally miserable, but you still have to do the grocery shopping, and a hot pink shopping basket makes it a little brighter! We may see more of them, as the ACT has brought in a plastic bag ban (with the exception of the heavier weight bags used, for example, by clothing shops, and the smaller lightweight bags used for fruit and veges). We have a four-month transition period, starting July 1, and the total ban starts on November 1.

Many people already have a stash of the reusable 'green bags' (available in many colours and prints) - it's jsut a matter of remembering to take them with you. The main complaint I've heard about the plastic bag ban is to do with lining your garbage bin, but I'm sure people can figure it out if they try!

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Pierre BOYER said...

It's the same in France,
We have our own bags we let in our cars...