Monday, July 25, 2011

Big box shopping comes to Canberra

Guess what's come to Canberra? Opened on Friday, this is the third Australian store for the US giant, after Melbourne in August 2009 and Sydney on Thursday last week. I'm a little surprised that Canberra was chosen before one of the larger cities, unless it was to do with the availability of land.

It really is 'big box' shopping - a huge warehouse-like space, big trolleys, big package sizes, and a big checkout total at the end! From what I can work out, we saved over the equivalent of the annual membership cost in our first foray out there today, and didn't come out with too many things we didn't really need (although perhaps the bottle of Hersheys Chocolate Syrup wasn't strictly necessary).

There have been a lot of very excited people talking about Costco opening for months, and while I don't really understand that excitement, we'll probably do a planned bulk shop once a month or so for basics.


Leeds daily photo said...

Here in Leeds we too have a Costco, I drop in for lunch if I am out that way and I sometimes get photos printed there too, they do poster sized prized prints at a reasonable deal.
Paul at Leeds daily photography

Anonymous said...

Hershey's choc syrup?! I know Australian choc tastes funny with that stuff put in to prevent it from melting...but American chocolate?...It is dreadful stuff...when I first tasted Hershey's choc, my immediate impulse was to spit it straight back out can't beat Nestle's or Lindt x

Sue, UK

karen said...

The syrup is good on ice cream though :) For eating chocolate I love Lindt - the high cocoa versions - but the occasional Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is ok too (occasional - the US chocolate is far too sweet to have often, and even the peanut butter in it is sweetened way beyond what we would normally have).

Not a big fan of Nestle, but that's a political thing. Cadbury is pretty popular in Australia.