Monday, August 15, 2011

Dream house

If we ever move out to the country, this is the kind of house I'd be looking for.


Mel said...

Given the choice, I think I'd live in the country as well. I'm demanding the moon here but what I'd really like is a lot of open space around me. I don't want my house to be just one other in a long line of identical brick things and I would like to be able to take ten steps in each direction without ending up at someone else's front door.

Unfortunately, it seems to be the done thing to build houses in ugly great lines over here. It's probably a space-saving measure but I wish they'd come up with a solution that was a little less ugly.

Don't get me wrong, there are detached houses about but they usually have a massive house valuation on top of them and unless I win the lottery, I won't get near it.

karen said...

Hi Mel - there's quite a decent yard around this place. A big shed, a chook yard, vege gardens, and enough room for the kids to get around on their quad bikes when they want to. I'm starting to sound like we own it! I wish! Michelago is just a small village, mostly strung out along a main street, with the local primary school and general store within walking distance and the community hall two doors up. I wouldn't mind a larger property, but then you're trading off the close community. But for now it's the suburbs ...