Friday, August 5, 2011

Step into the Limelight

Step into the Limelight is an annual showcase of the talents of Canberra's public school students. From preschool to the end of college (Year 12), there are opportunities for students to display their creative sides, including art, music, drama, dance, and filmmaking.

Last night we saw a sample of this in the gala production Seasons, at the Royal Theatre in the Canberra Convention Centre. There were too many highlights to list, but some of the standout acts included a sign choir from Charnwood-Dunlop Primary School, who performed Bette Midler's From a Distance in sign language using white gloves under black lighting, a string ensemble who performed part of Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Autumn, and (of course) the Belconnen Primary Drama Group, comprised of students from eight local primary schools, including my daughter.

The hoops hanging up high in the photo were used by an aerial dance group portraying Spring in the second half of the program, and the photo is of the entire cast, onstage together for the finale. Something in the order of 1600 students were involved in the performances - a huge coordination task for all the teachers and other production staff - and a wonderful opportunity for all the students involved!


London Caller said...

Big party, mate!

Susana said...

Our kids are amazing. Everytime they practised I got goose bumps. So beautiful. So glad you got to see it K.