Wednesday, October 19, 2011


DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) is a large shopping centre outside the main are of Fyshwick. They brand themselves as a 'shopping mecca' with leading brands up to 70% off. Personally (and maybe I'm just not a dedicated enough shopper) I find it inconveniently located, full of the same sort of shops you find in every other shopping centre, and with much the same stock - some discounted certainly, but that seems to be older stock, overstocks, and odd sizes. So I'm not a big fan, although many other people are keen on this sort of place.

Apparently there are ten of these centres, all in the eastern states, and they've been in some serious financial difficulties, but they're still operating in Canberra, at least for now. And whatever I think of them, I do like the cloud pattern in this photo!


Leeds daily photo said...

I personally would avoid anywhere that called itself a shopping mecca. However I do like the use of primary colours. Its like Ikea, I can see the attraction but its just not really my kind of place, apart from the meatballs. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo

Gemma Wiseman said...

An artistic view of this shopping world with those creative cloud formations in the blue of the sky! DFO has only one outlet near me that I know! It is at Blackburn - outer east Melbourne! I know of none on my peninsula! Not really my kind of shopping world either! I love little village shops! Always unique and creative!

karen said...

It has a food court, but I don't know about meatballs - I think Ikea has the monopoly on them! Every so often a rumour goes around about Ikea coming to Canberra, but I think they're smart enough to know that Canberra's not a big enough market for them.