Saturday, October 1, 2011

Filled beyond capacity

This is a model of Old Parliament House, so you can get an idea of the structure and complexity of the building. The two taller sections are the House of Representatives Chamber (on the left) and the Senate Chamber (on the right), with the lower roof of King's Hall between them. The Prime Minister's office is in the corner closest to the bottom of the photo.

By the time the building closed, it contained almost 3000 people - far more than had ever been planned for, even with various extensions over the years. The House of Representatives was originally 76 members, and had grown to 148. The Senate had also more than doubled, from 36 to 76 members. Then there were political staffers, administration and other general staff, and the media to be accommodated. One new members was literally given an office in a broom cupboard!

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