Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the road between Nowra and Braidwood

These are the beehive rock formations at Bulee Gap, between Sassafrass and Nerriga on the road inland from Nowra. I've seen the road referred to as the Nerriga Road, the Braidwood Road, the Turpentine Road, and Main Road 92. Whatever it's called, it's an important connection between the tablelands (and Canberra) and the coast, especially now that the section between Nerriga and Nowra is completely sealed. Parts of this road roughly follow the old 1840s and 50s convict-built Wool Road, used to transport the wool clip down to the coast. In the photo above, part of the Wool Road has been preserved underneath the recent bridge construction on the right.


Pierre BOYER said...

J'aime ces paysages... Ils me rappellent mon enfance dans le sud de la France,


karen said...

Bonjour Pierre! I will have to search for some photos of the south of France - I had no idea what it looks like.