Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time capsule

Tucked away under the trees in Commonwealth Park is this small stone pyramid. The plaque at the top has the familiar Autralian Bicentennial logo (1788-1988), and the following words:
To celebrate
Australia Day in the Bicentennial Year
a Time Capsule was placed beneath this cairn
January 26, 1988
The Canberra Times
Australia Day in the National Capital
and the
National Capital Development Commission
The Time Capsule is to be opened
in the year 2088.

Apparently there's no official record of exactly what is in the 1.5 metre glass capsule, sealed with argon gas and buried in the earth, but I did find reference to it containing a letter from the then-Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, a short history of The Canberra Times newspaper, and numerous objects and photographs submitted by the people of Canberra.

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Une belle expérience...