Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In contrast to yesterday's black and white image (and and unlike this afternoon's grey and damp weather), today I have something bright and colourful for you.

These light sculptures and coloured awnings extend along 200 metres of Childers Street, adjacent to the ANU and part of Canberra's 'arts precinct'. In fact, I think the main reason for them is to say 'Hey! Here's something arty! You must be in the arts precinct!', because otherwise it's not particularly obvious. But I like them anyway.

Designed by Thylacine (based in Queanbeyan; '... a collaborative, flexible and fluid organisation, drawing on visual and fine arts, craftsmanship, research, engineering, fabrication and project management in their practice.  Recent and current projects show their output is a body of uncommon iconic works, bringing sound, light, thought and memory together and delivering powerful built works'. AILA), the work is described as:
A large-scale interactive light installation spanning the length of Childers Street. The artwork consists of a series of 19 illuminated shelter structures clad in coloured glass. Sensors on each structure pick up loacalised sounds, transforming them into moving light patterns on vertically suspended coloured glass panels. The patterns are derived from a 'Synaesthetic' system that maps sound into colour, developed by the composer Alexander Scriabin.
For photos of the work at night, go to www.thylacine.com.au, click on Art Projects, and then the thumbnail picture on the bottom left.

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Mark said...

Great first shot. Yeah they are very cool.