Friday, September 9, 2011

Yarralumla brickworks

Yarralumla Brickworks chimney.

I'd written a long and interesting post about the brickworks and its history and significance to Canberra, but Blogger decided to eat it, so here are a couple of links where you can find out about it for yourself. And maybe when I'm not so cranky with Blogger I'll come back and write it again.

Timeline, including various studies and development proposals for the site
Thor's Hammer (current tenant - demolition timber salvage and recycling)


Mark said...

I had no idea that Yarralumla had a brickworks. great shot.

Jim said...

Most interesting.

Gemma Wiseman said...

The chimney is like an SOS (or I surrender!) in that sea of green! Great shot!

Leeds daily photo said...

Many older places had brickworks. I was having a discussion about this a week or so back. In the days before mass production most towns had at least one brick making place. Sadly all or nearly all the bricks made these days are identical in colour, shape and size. Give me the earlier bricks any day. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography

karen said...

"Canberra red bricks" are well known around here. You can occasionally pick up secondhand bricks for about $1 each, and apparently they make good linings for outdoor pizza ovens (I read somewhere that this is because they were fired at high temps).

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