Monday, September 12, 2011

The Street

The Street Theatre - next to the ANU, and across the road from the NAB building in yesterday's photo.

The theatre was purpose-built by the ACT government, and opened in 1994. The complex includes two theatres, meeting rooms and a cafe/bar, and operates as a venue for a variety of performance types, including music, drama, cabaret and dance. The larger theatre (Street1) can hold an audience of 247, while Street 2 is a more intimate space, with room for 65-80 people, depending on the audience set up.

The angled front entrance to the theatre was inspired by the 'desire line' (what I would call a 'goat track'!) created by people entering the university, and cutting across the corner of the then vacant black of land.

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Lucas Kain said...

Yay! Just like in the good old times. :) Glad to see they still exist.

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