Thursday, April 21, 2011

Appearances can deceive

This is another image from Mount Stromlo Observatory (see Monday's post). The building which housed the large reflector telescope looks ok from the outside, despite massive damage in the 2003 fires. But on the inside it's a very different story:

Although it's been cleaned up a bit, and is now used for storage, the strength of the inferno that passed through is very evident in the charred structures and telescope remains.


Leeds daily photo said...

Wow, they certainly can. I saw The Dish at the cinema when it came out and thats what I thought of on seeing the first picture, most of my references are movies.

ramy_v said...

How catastrophic... such a loss.

Houston Daily Photo

Stefan Jansson said...

Sad to see.

karen said...

Paul - The Dish is about the radio telescope in Parkes, NSW. When I get out to Tidbinbilla again I'll have some photos of a similar 'dish' to share.