Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The monster that ate Canberra

This is Alexander Bunyip. In 1972, Alexander Bunyip came to Canberra - and saw wonderful things to eat, like Black Mountain Tower (that looked awfully like an ice cream sundae), the National Library (which looked like a giant iced birthday cake to a hungry bunyip) and Parliament House (a very large pizza).

Alexander Bunyip has been entertaining Australian children for nearly 40 years, occasionally updated to feature new prime ministers. Michael Salmon, who created Alexander, is a prolific children's author (among other things), and has written and illustrated something like 160 books. Although he was born in New Zealand, he's been here long enough for Australia to claim him.

If you'd like to read more about Alexander, someone has put together the story with a map. Worth a look :) The sculpture  - A is for Alexander, B is for Bunyip, C is for Canberra (2011) - is by Melbourne sculptor Anne Ross.

A is for Alexander, B is for Bunyip, C is for Canberra (2011)
Gungahlin Town Park
corner Hibberson and Gozzard Streets


Jim said...

That's cool.

johnethompson2001 said...

Very minor correction - he thought Parliament House looked like a hamburger (not a pizza), and unlike the other items mentioned it tasted terrible.

karen said...

I checked, and apparently in 1972 he did in fact think Parliament House looked like a hamburger, but the new edition (which my kids have) has been updated to a pizza, to suit the new Parliament House. So we're both right!