Thursday, April 7, 2011

The sweet life

Afternoon tea at Ricardo's cafe in Jamison today. Lemon curd tart in the foreground, caramel praline mouse behind, and a strange hot dog eclair (an eclair pastry with a caramel glaze and filled with custard, topped with a red icing covered chocolate bar 'frankfurt' drizzled with red and yellow icing 'ketchup' and 'mustard'). Odd, but apparently irresistible if you're 7 years old.

Ricardo's always seems busy, with a wide clientele ranging from babies in prams to the elderly with walking frames. The cakes are divine, the coffee's good, and the meals are substantial. At 4.30pm the barista, who you can see in the background, was pretty flat out, as evidenced by the lineup of different types of coffee and hot chocolate on the bar.

Jamison is a Group Centre (like Kippax), and is situated in the suburb of Macquarie. It's named after a First Fleet surgeon, Thomas Jamison from Ireland, who became a prominent land owner, trader and government official. He also played a role in the Rum Rebellion which resulted in the overthrow of Governor Bligh.

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