Sunday, April 17, 2011

Geometry in the capital

This is part of one of the sides of Canberra's Parliamentary Triangle. It extends from Parliament House along Kings Avenue and then to Mt Ainslie (behind me in this photo), across to City Hill, and back to Parliament House via Commonwealth Avenue.

Lake Burley Griffin is between where I was standing for this picture and Parliament House - not that you can see it with all the trees. The Parliament House flagpole is 81 metres high and weighs 220 tonnes. The flag itself is about the same size as the side of a double-decker bus.


zakton said...

I love Canberra, it's so neat. Great that I had a chance to stay there and attended summer school for three weeks ... but that was in 1978 :)

karen said...

You may not recognise it after 30-odd years. Time for another visit :)