Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Waiting in the rain

It's not always sunny in Canberra, and today was cold, windy, and (by evening) wet. This photo was taken from the relative warmth of the car at about 5.45pm while waiting for drama class at the Canberra Youth Theatre to finish.

The theatre group is based in the Gorman House Arts Centre, in Ainslie Avenue, Braddon, just a block over from Civic (the city centre). This is just one part of a complex of eight buildings, linked by covered walkways and central courtyards.

Gorman House was completed in 1925, and was originally a hostel for lower paid public servants. The hostel closed in 1972, and the buildings housed various government departments until 1981, when it was officially reopened as an arts centre. It now contains a diverse range of tenants, including theatre, dance and music groups, the ACT Writers Centre, The Embroiderers Guild ACT, the Sage Restaurant, and many individual artists' studios.

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Stefan Jansson said...

I like the title, I guess I should listen to that Flash and the Pan song now.