Sunday, April 3, 2011


Rome may have Pasquino, but Kippax has this concrete noticeboard. It's not incredibly attractive, but it does mean that posters and notices and advertisements are stuck here rather than on poles and buildings. I haven't seen this sort of thing anywhere else, but I can't imagine it would be the only one in Canberra.


Julie said...

I used to work at Sydney Uni and know it has this sort of central notice-board concept. Yeah, the concrete is ugly.

But what springs to my mind is how they get to paste their notices up so high? Is there a ladder lurking nearby?

Julie said...

PS. I am about to add you to my list for daily checking which is on the RHS of my blog.

karen said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your list :)

I think this noticeboard is only about 2.5 metres tall - any higher and you wouldn't be able to read the notices. As long as the tall people leave room down low for shorties like me!

Julie said...

Nothing wrong with being short.