Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lone Pine

From the nearby plaque:
This tree grew from a pine cone collected by an Australian soldier at Lone Pine on Gallipoli. His own brother died in the attack there on 6 August 1915, and afterwards he found the cone on the branches used by the Turks as overhead cover for their trenches. He sent it to his mother, who in time presented the tree to the Memorial in honour of her own son and others who fell at Lone Pine.

The artist  Bertram Mackennal was so moved by the Australians' bravery and sacrifice on Gallipoli that he wanted to honour the Australians who fought there. His sculpture, War, portraying Bellona, a Roman goddess of war, was presented to the Commonwealth of Australia in 1920 as a tribute to the gallantry of the Australian soldiers in the First World War.

War [Bertram Mackennal, bronze]

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Jim said...

Great Anzac tribute.